Boom Beach Hack Tools Review 2016



1. Boom Beach Hack Games:
Last year the best and the most efficient game that is released by the Super Cell game developing company. It is also the most efficient game in the world and ranked as third newest game of the game world. This game is named as Boom Beach game. As it’s also the most popular game of the gaming industry that is being played mostly by the youngsters. Mostly like the famous gaming companies Top grossers and clash of clans the game makers of this company are also one of the new innovators. As they have built these kinds of games for making new strategies and new planning’s but the concept that is being given in this game is the same. Mostly the concepts of Boom Beach Hack games are that of kind which is of former games. Relatively the concept of this game has being innovated from other previous games but the most innovative thing that could be found in it is that it’s a planning and making strategies game.  The base of the game should be built with all kind of those necessaries that should be gathers in that game by you. The resources could be gathered by attaching or by having an eye on your requirements.

2. Boom Beach Hacking And False Tools:
You could be called a very lucky gamer as if you are more interested in playing or developing any kind of boom beach hack game. These boom beach hack games are mostly developed by the most well established and multinational companies and organizations, But these games also includes some of the false and cheating tricks that could be gained by boom beach hack tricks or cheating tricks. Playing fair always doesn’t give you the best way of playing or winning. It could be used by others also so change your way of playing by having boom beach cheating tricks. Some of the cheating tools could be also gained by having an eye on my article. These kind of cheating tools have many features and premium topographies that will help you in being the one and only one winner of the game. These hack tools could be found on vip-cheats also. This will make your account upgraded soon and you will be promoted to the most upgraded premium member soon. Mostly boom beach hacking tricks users easily do this in just few clicks and they don’t have to manage it in many ones. Most of the game players are now a days demanding for the boom beach cheating.

3. Payment For Boom Beach Hacking:
The amount that is being paid by them just for having boom beach cheat tricks is a much more than anything. The version that is being demanded and should be latest one and that should be updated every time. Having it easily downloaded just for free should also be available so every time a huge amount should not be paid by the customers. Sometimes the downloading is done just by one click and no need of any kind of activation or any source code is needed but mostly the source code should be demanded as for boom beach hack games the coding is the most appropriate way to give the bets to their customers. These games mostly use the license key also foe its own activation.  As when they are addicted to these games then they are helpless to buy those games by paying heavy amount. Sometimes just to lock some bad kind of bots for our site who are downloading these codes for fun and misusing it these codes are for them.

4. Using Downloaded Boom Beach Hack:
Now days the most trend of using software in people has gained a view of just downloaded software. Mostly the 100 download dedicated servers have counted that each day people in the whole world daily download this hacking tricks and this could make a great number of count in the end of the year. Mostly people think that these boom beach hacking tricks are available every time whenever you need them but they are only available when companies have send them on different websites just for a limited period of time. The ones who got them at first become the most played and the best players of the world in just a very short time. Boom beach hacks or cheats are one of those who are liked mostly by the gamers who are playing games daily online or by downloading them from here. Some of the levels of those games are free and you can easily play them on trial version but on some specific stages when the game has given its most interest to the gamer the level are locked and people have to buy or download code versions to download them. Mostly these games are also essential to play free of cost.


5. How to hack boom beach:
Mostly by hacking this kind of boom beach hack tools or software’s, people are aware that they would be awarded by many kind of different facilities of their different interesting levels are being unlocked by the coded values. Mostly people need gold bars, lives or diamonds to make their level crossed and to get on to the next level, but people don’t have them always for free so they have to pay for them again and again. Boom beach hack games are of those kinds they are being level by level. People are attracted towards them just as the levels are upgraded as soon as they win each level. Some level are locked so they have to pay for them but paying again and again would be better for them. Mostly hacking boom beach gives people a relief for a number of levels. People have many facilities also gained just as more lives more gold or diamonds to clear those levels or stages easily just by having them to use when they need. Mostly by hacking boom beach games also get unbanned able, as so if they are not allowed to play on internet or they are banned due to some reason people try to get the hacked sites or games through net so that they could easily play them daily.

Want to know what goes on behind the gate of the residence of the US president? Watch her story on Snapchat!



Since 2015, the White House is already present on Facebook and Twitter, so why not on Snapchat the social network of young people? Since last week, that’s done. On his official website, the administration explained the decision that surprised more than one, “the core of our digital strategy is to reach people where they are. This decentralized approach, in response to the proliferation of social networks, aims to give the Americans a variety of ways to establish a link with their government. ”

With over 100 million active users every day Snapchat, the US government actually benefit from a significant showcase, which will affect a different audience from other networks: 60% of holders of smartphones between 13 and 34 years using the platform. A public quite young then.

We certainly expected a message tailored to the youth, but do not dream: there is little chance for you to receive a selfie “vomit rainbow sky” of Barack Obama. Yesterday, the story of the White House in a few short videos retraced the visit of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull welcomed with great pomp under a blue sky, all accompanied by explanatory phrases and small emojis. No doubt, the administration has taken the turn of digital.

To access The story of the White House, adding “WhiteHhouse” on Snapchat or scan the snapcode below.

VLC is finally on ChromeOS, through an Android app

ChromeOS users know the refrain: “unknown file type”. Things are going to change, since the Android version of VLC is there.


VideoLAN is still the reference on almost all platforms. It is not only the most widespread as Windows, Android, iOS or OS X, but also for Solaris, Haiku, ReactOS or Windows RT. Finally, Chrome OS and Chromebooks will not have long resisted: an Android version has been focused on Chrome OS. It uses ARC, the rendering engine that allows to launch in APK Chrome, whether with a Chromebook or a Windows PC and a Linux or Mac in OS X. We wrote a tutorial to explain the method which requires some readjustments code of Android apps. The team in charge of the VLC project explained its decision on porting Android version: the PPAPI architecture, NaCl or the Javascript limited the complete port.

This Minecraft hack turns your smart bulb on from inside the game


What do you do when hacking real world computers gets boring? You enter the virtual world. One bored hacker just hooked up his Minecraft game to a real-life smart bulb. He can now flip a switch in the game to turn on the lights in his room. Yep.

The hacker, known as Giannoug, used the OpenComputers mod, which allows you to add real-life computers into Minecraft – bear with us. Using it in conjunction with a few other mod programs, he spawned a computer inside his game and opened a TCP connection, which allows the game to communicate with his “unknown, eBay sourced” smart bulb.

Essential reading: The best smart bulbs for your connected home

All the instructions have been published if you want to have a go yourself. Inside Minecraft, gamers use “redstone” to create in-game electricity. Giannoug used it to build a lever that, when connected through OpenComputers to his Wi-Fi enabled smart bulb, turns his real-world lights on and off.

ingame mod shot

This isn’t the first time that Minecraft has been used to control lighting in the real world. In 2013, a developer synced Philips Hue to his son’s Minecraft game so that the lights would dim and brighten according to the game’s day and night cycle.

Two years ago, another tinkerer created the same redstone-controlled lighting switch using Arduino and a remote-controlled outlet. And a far back as 2011, one coder created his own scripts in Minecraft to turn Arduino-connected LED lights on and off.

Who knows, with enough time and Internet-connected gadgets, someone might actually develop a full smart hub for the home right inside Minecraft.

Skype for Business arrives on Android with its new interface


After months of beta, Microsoft has finally released the final version of Skype for Business on Android. The improvements are quite numerous and following a significant change of interface, since the new application looks more like Skype that Lync 2013, it replaces.

Skype for Business is now available in final version on Android. The novelties are numerous enough, to start with a new interface, much closer to Skype. Regulars Lync will therefore make it, but Microsoft says in its blog post  that the goal was ultimately to save time for users, including shortening the time that we put to find or access certain features .

New interface and simplified access to key features

The new Skype for Business  wants so give easy access to main functions. To do this, it proposes a new instrument panel bringing together key information that an employee might need. For example, all recent conversations are displayed, as well as upcoming appointments and contacts search bar. On current events, a small icon to connect to a meeting and launch the video if necessary (Quick Join function). Moreover, the controls on the latter were swollen, especially the buttons to add participants and mute the microphone.

The contact area was enhanced to more quickly find a particular person. The search bar allows to find a contact by classifying them by name, contact email address or phone number. The application also allows to search for the groups already organized by the company. Adding and deleting the other hand have been simplified.

For companies, the arrival of Skype for Business also means the possibility of introducing modern authentication mechanisms if the fleet of smartphones is Android. The mechanism uses access tokens and does not store user IDs on the device. It especially allows administrators to set up the two-factor authentication for employees, they then to configure an email address, a phone number or declare an application to receive notification and confirm the connection.


Trouble with calls to certain terminals

However, despite the benefits put forward by Microsoft, we must not look far to see some limitations. For example, integration with Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and the support of two-factor authentication are valid only for remote servers Skype for Business. Those on-site (on-premise) are not yet supported, and the companies concerned will have to wait a couple more months. There is no integration with other Intune and report problems on calls. On the official blog, a user says for example that with a Nexus 6 P Android 6.0.1, conferences and telephone calls disconnect soon after being established.

Skype for Business requires a minimum of Android 4.0 to run. However, it now seems that some tablets can not download the latest version of the application (currently According to our tests, for example, a Galaxy Tab with Android 4.0.4 does not install the mobile application, even though it is supposed to be compatible. A Transformer TF100 with the same version arrived there by cons without problems.

The application can be retrieved from the Google Play store.